Friday, 23 September 2011


Students who have attended the RPT meditation course have proudly claimed that their performance in the examinations have improved tremendously after attending the course. In the last SPM examinations results, those performed very well told that the methods taught in the RPT course has given them additional advantage. Student Manimangai had scored 12 A’s in the last SPM which included Tamil language with just tuition alone and without attending Tamil School. What is really amazing is that she scored A’s in both Tamil Language and Tamil Literature. Some other students who had used methods taught in the RPT course had excelled in all Tamil subjects scoring 8 A’s PMR and also doing extremely well in SPM examinations. Jayanthi (12 A’s), Gowri (12 A’s), Sivagami (11 A’s), Shamala Nair (10 A’s), Yashini (13 A’s) and Devaraj (12 A’s).

The moment I got this power, I felt the power flowing in my body. Dato Seri Guruji made me realize the yogic power in energy centres of my body. I have attended courses, read books and used CDs but only in this course did I see the real truth. What I like to advise others is to realize the power inside of you through a qualified master, use the power and see its benefits. Once you have this yogic power, you life will become complete. My life has completed changed. I have become very healthy, alert and skilful. I have developed the mindset to face any challenge in life. Mr. Carl William Acton 90, South Road, Southall, UB1 1AA, UK

My name is Rebecca Mbewe. I participated in the RPT’s yogic course in London. On doing the meditation I saw many wonderful things in my life. My most miraculous achievement was to go to back to my home country within one month of taking this course. Prior to this, I had tried desperately for 14 years and could not do so. I am doing part-time work now but I earn more and spend more time with my children. My heart-felt thanks to Dato Seri Guruji.